Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The last "First"

My baby turned "ONE" on Monday, We marked this final stage of babyhood with a big birthday bash over the weekend. I LOVE birthday's! (actually, I love any excuse to have a party) but birthdays are my favorite....everyone deserves a whole day filled with feeling special. My favorite part of planning a party is picking a theme and incorporating all sorts of little details..(love the details!) I chose a cowboy theme here are some pictures of the party and the adorable birthday boy....

keepsake book all the guests signed
invitation from here

badges, mustaches, and tattoos

cowboy/cowgirl gear

the food table (before all the food was on it) and the photo banner

the smash cake (made by yours truly cake topper from here )

the dessert/drink table
cupcakes and caramel apples for dessert


the birthday boy's chair-a garage sale score repainted and the adorable bib $2 clearance find

the "Cowboy" his outfit is from Crazy 8 (LOVE that store!)

the food: pulled pork, cowboy caviar, mac & cheese, baked beans, fruit & cornbread

ready for cake

Happy Birthday xo

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

West Elm-ish....

I LOVE these hive vases from West Elm, (I first learned of them from one of my favorite blogs YHL  thanks John and Sherry!) BUT I am not a huge fan of their price tag ( $24 and up) so imagine my delight when I spotted this little lovelie at the Salvation Army store for just $.99! No, it is not an actual West Elm vase but a darn good look-a like..I love it more than bee's love honey! (Lame joke, I know...I just couldn't help myself)


      Detailed View
here's a side by side comparison (after I cleaned the stickers off with some goo-gone)

After: with some pretty wildflowers from my backyard

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mums the word....

I LOVE all the fall colors, the reds, golds, and browns make you feel so warm and cozy.
I decided to add a little color to my yard with some beautiful Mums...lucky for me LOWE'S had them on sale for a $1 I grabbed a few and some supplies I had on hand and created this:

can you believe I scored this amazing planter for only $1 at a Garage Sale!

 I also picked up these adorable metal buckets from Target's dollar section, they have a cute little chalk board star on boys took these to their teacher's for the first day of school (they looked so cute with the teacher's names on them) of course they were a hit!

Back to blogging......

I am starting over with my blog, when I first started I put a lot of pressure on myself to post everyday and have that post be something amazing and when I couldn't do that I got frustrated and stopped blogging then it hit me... the reality is I may not have the time to post everyday and what I post may be incredibly boring....but if I am going to be true to myself and use this blog for what I originally intended then that's how it needs to be...this blog will be "my outlet" my place to document things that are important to me, things that I want to remember, to share a new recipe or diy my blog will be a little bit of won't be perfect....but it will be here we go!