Monday, February 4, 2013

I'm gonna pop some tags!......YHL challenge

One of my favorite blogs YOUNG HOUSE LOVE is hosting an Unofficial Macklemore thrift store know the song you hear it and it gets stuck in your head for days....

So the challenge is:#1-go to the thrift store with $20 in your pocket (just like the song says)

yes this is from my car cash shot, I paid with debit
#2-spend your $20 anyway you want and photograph your spoils:
my spoils:(l to r) glass vase/carafe $.99 -fun for "drinks for two" or a bud vase, white oval dish $2 stamped Hall #571-(I am still researching but it looks like it is part of their food service line) great for a small snack/appetizer/dessert/jewelry catch all/soap dish-the possibilities are endless!, books: $.25 each- Hardy boys for my 10 yr old, and for me The American Girls Handy Book (mainly because I like the cover''fun conversation piece), Rice Krispie treats shape/cutters $.99-I mainly bought these for the penguin one..(my 2 yr old id OBSESSED with penguins) and lastly the Pottery Barn jar which still had the $9 store tag...I paid $2.99!!!
#3-find one (or more) item(s) referenced in the song and snap a picture...
Dukie brown coat, zebra print, gator shoes, and a fringe purse...all this can be yours for $4...that's right! green tag sale!
I wear your grandpa's clothes...I look incredible.....
Head on over to YHL to take part in the fun!


  1. Nice finds! I like the wish jar...very cute.

    1. Thanks!and thank you for stopping by :-)